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The Community of Wellness is organized into 8 task forces that directly correspond to our 8 health priorities in the Humboldt Park community

  1. Educate ourselves and the community at large about each of our eight priority disparities. We educate regarding disease prevalence compared to other communities and across race and ethnicity within our community, regarding socio-economic contributors o health, and regarding disease prevention, self-care, medical screening diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Advocate for changes in neighborhoods, and in city and state practices, policies and budgets, if we believe that these changes would improve the health status of our community.
  3. Coordinate existing services among the numerous health and human service organizations. Service coordination crosses many sectors: public health departments and private non-profits; research institutions and community organizations; health, human services and advocacy organizations.
  4. Implement community intervention projects to actually change the health, educational or employment status of individuals in our community. Projects are typically developed through collaborative processes in the Task Forces.